Johnny had dodged many a bullet, but he couldn’t survive a battle where the water balloon was the weapon of choice.

Splash! Down went the new kid on the block!

It was an accident waiting to happen for almost two hundred years, but Johnny didn’t know that, until arriving at the reform school from hell.

The Kilborne Academy welcomed Johnny with a meal that was to die for, before escorting the distraught teenager back in time, where he faced death at every turn along with temptations that were delightfully surreal.

But in the end, all Johnny wanted was to return home and so he escaped Kilborne, only to find that even forty years later… there was no escaping the reform school from hell.

Now stuck behind the wheel of his runaway car, Johnny is forced to take a trip down memory lane, discovering a shocking past he never knew he had. And as history should have it, the world has been spiraling out of control ever since.

Can Johnny survive his sins of the past? Can we?

Warning; This story contains enough fact to where even the fiction may seem real. 

Drama/Mystery/Suspense/Humor/Horror/History/Sports/Bawdy Sex/Science Fiction.