Johnny had dodged many a bullet in his day, but he couldn't avoid the evil that awaited him at the reform school from hell.

The Kilborne Academy welcomed the terrified teen with a meal that was to die for, before ushering him through the ages of time where he faced a painful death at every turn.

Worst of all, Johnny was tricked into making a deal with the devil before escaping Kilborne, thus changing the course of history in a way that has added tremendous strife and turmoil to an already troubled world.

And as if that wasn't enough, evil will soon turn up the heat on global warming, until clueless mankind is boiling in a sea of despair!

Yes, the clock is now ticking in a bad way. Time is running out on the human race, and only guilt-ridden Johnny can save us from his sins of the past, but first he must survive a return trip to the reform school from hell.

Recommended for ages 14 & up.

Mystery/History/Horror/Humor/Sports/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Bawdy Sex/90K Words.