From the soon to be re-released Johnny Paradise:

From Chapter One: 

My troubles began with a firefight where the water balloon was the weapon of choice. It wasn’t exactly a World War, but a dozen teenage warriors filtered in from blocks away to join the fray on my tree-lined street. "Fire when ready!" Balloon fragments soon littered the quaint battlefield with a rainbow of colors, while water dribbled down the curb before puddling in the gutter. The daylong event ragged from house to house, leaving many soaked down to their Fruit of the Looms—but my buddy and I weren’t done yet…

From Chapter Two:

I gulped. I knew it could be mine... the dripping evidence that would send me down the river. I was big for my age, but not nearly tough enough to where I would want to spend a night in jail. No fricken way!

From Chapter Eight:

The sergeant rolled what was left of his eyes. "You have a lot to learn, but your formal education won’t begin until you walk in the front door of the Big House," he said pointing to the quaint building on the hill. "Once inside… you are officially on the clock and will start learning things about yourself that will shock the shit out of you." He paused for effect, leaving me to wonder what if anything there was to know about myself that I didn’t already know. "If you somehow manage to make it out of here alive after serving your sentence," he continued, "you may have one hell of an amazing story to tell the world, if the Green Fog wears off your head before you’re too old and senile to remember your name."