From Chapter One: 

I heard chatter and my heart raced, then skipped a beat when I saw a handful of adults surrounding Tom, who was still on the ground. Curious kids circling on bike and those hovering on foot completed the crime scene. And there was blood! A red-streaked towel clung to Tom’s nose. To make matters worse, I saw my mother run out my front door closely followed by a skipping Emily and a bouncing David. "Darn busybodies," I muttered under my breath.

From Chapter Thirteen:

Martha was at first taken aback as was Ma and I. She took in a deep breath and I thought she was going to reach across the table and scratch Willie's eyes out, but instead she only grit her teeth and glared at her angry brother. "Yur lucky we have company, Willie," she smiled smarmy, "or I might’ve taken offense ta that last remark." She then turned from Willie to me and I melted again. "Sorry ‘bout my retarded brother, Johnny Boy," she said primly, "but he’s a little off in the head from all the sheep he’s fucked over the years."

From Chapter Eighteen:

I thought I’d left strange in the rearview mirror, but no… it had followed me home. Besides the blue carpet that was now beige and the beige walls that were now a light blue, the first thing I noticed besides the musty smell was a large brown packing box in the middle of the living room floor. And the furnishings, what was left of them, were all new to me—except that they appeared faded and worn, save for the flat screen on the wall. I moved in for a closer look at the futuristic TV and was dazzled by the colors and brilliant images, until I remembered the big, boxy, console TV that was missing from the floor. "Hello," I shouted above the surround sound. "Is anyone here?"