From the soon to be re-released Johnny Paradise: 

Like a junkie in need of a fix, I forced yet another spoonful of pudding into my mouth and choked it down. A sharp pain took me by surprise when it hit bottom. My stomach convulsed. My chest burned like fire. My heart shockingly stopped and my intestines blew. I was in full panic mode, desperately trying to catch my last breath, when I felt myself slipping away to a place I’d never been before. A dark place without boundaries …and yet the limitations were endless.


"Much like the buffet," he began to lecture, "Kilborne has treats that can bring extreme pleasure, but more than anything, there’s a shit-load of pain and suffering and challenges that’ll test your will to live. Before all’s said and done, you’ll experience highs and lows like never before and just about every unimaginable thing in between. Your mind will be fucked with time and again for a hundred days straight. But if you survive your sentence, you’ll leave this place wise beyond your sixteen years, having experienced things no man alive could ever top."


I could hear Ma chuckling, too. But it rumbled big and robust, where as Willie's chuckle was comparatively frail and shallow. "Johnny Boy looks big 'n' strong," she said. "Hopefully we can get a few good days work out of him, before Martha guts him with her knife."


"Have you read the bible, Mr. Bishop?"

"From cover to cover."

"Then you should know the end is coming," he preached. "I’m just moving things along at an accelerated pace to free the planet of the corrupt species God has put on this earth. When the dust has finally settled on the flawed human race, I will start the world anew with my own Adam and Eve, with me serving as God, and the Kilborne Academy serving as heaven for future generations to come!"

"Still sounds like a fairytale to me."

"The only question that remains at this point is who amongst the living is worthy enough to serve as my Adam, and who will be my Eve?"